Tuesday, February 11th through Saturday, March 29th, 2014. Opening reception February 11th at 7Pm-11pm
(Wywnood Arts District- Miami, FL) – Brisky Gallery Miami is proud to present Rendering Thoughts: Sublime interpretations of the mind; an exhibition curated by Luis Valle, Brisky Gallery’s Director.

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The exhibit will feature works by over 19 artists both local and international. As Brisky gallery Miami is now in its second year, the portfolio has expanded to include some new faces met during the galleries tenure and Art Basel. Rendering Thoughts is a group exhibit that will showcase some of the galleries’ regular lineup along with some new artist picked up along the way. With an ever growing portfolio Brisky gallery strives to present fresh new work to the Wynwood art scene.

The artists’ mind is a curious enigma, which onlookers ponder. Who, What, Why, Where and How did the artist get to this creation are questions asked by the viewer. Each artist in the show takes a unique approach to manifesting his or her creation. The artist vision first starts as a feeling or a thought, which must then be molded and formed with physical materials in order to be born. The show will feature a large range of photography as well as many works in painting, sculpture and new media.
Brisky Gallery Miami is proud to present the following artists:

Claudio Castillo
Claudio was born in Havana, Cuba, raised in Europe, and lives in Miami. Castillo has been painting and exhibiting watercolors for over thirty years. Since 1980 he has been involved with computers, animation, video, and film. In 1983 he founded a computer animation software company and production studio in New York. He moved to Miami in 1992 and works there as an artist, video editor, and animator.

Born in Santiago, Chile, Claudio Picasso moved to Miami with his mother at the age of two. By age 16, his compositions as CP1 began surging through Miami streets and his murals graced the walls of private residences, local offices and his high school. Soon after graduating high school, Claudio would expand his repertoire in the School of Art and Art History at Florida International University, delving into every medium he could. A Masterʼs degree in Education would soon follow. After working in sculpture, photography, printmaking, and digital art, Claudio found himself returning to charcoal and spray paint as his preferred mediums.

Diana Contreras
Born in Chiclayo, Peru in 1981 and grew up in Miami, Florida, Contreras has established herself as a true Miami artist. From painting murals in Miami’s street art scene, to exhibiting her art in various galleries, her work has been seen in exhibitions and private collections in the United States and abroad.

Abstrk is a Miami based artist who has built a platform with graffiti and street art/ murals. His 2-d and 3-d works portray the texture and surface of painting on abandoned structures, bringing them into a controlled and confined space allows them to be appreciated for their imperfections and appeal. His work is influenced by his Cuban heritage, Pop culture and childhood memories that molded his imagination. Being a first generation Cuban American, he feels its important to immortalized the forgotten history of his exiled elders with his work.

Jose Mertz
Jose Mertz is an artist and graphic designer based in Miami, Fl. His creative area of interest is traditional drawing, painting as well as digital design. He focuses on pushing an experimental style with inspirations coming from Ancient Civilizations, Natural Elements, Eastern Philosophy, Dreams, Myth & the Super Natural."

Ray Mantella
Ray Mantella is a Canadian artist and photographer whose passion for creating only gets stronger as time passes. His traversing of all art is boundless and heated. He explores mediums such as glass blowing, paper mache, resins and concrete. Creating humanlike figures from shredded magazines and newspapers, symbolizing that once we absorb information it never leaves us. Ray uses materials that humans waste to create broken mirror images of our selves.

Tatiana Blanco
Tatiana Blanco is a multi-media artist and sculptor. She was born in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1984. As an international artist she divides her time between Miami, Puerto Rico, and Switzerland. She describes her sculptures as a fusion of classical training and modern awareness, handling an array of materials with contemporary hand. The goal of her current work is to demonstrate the universal interconnectedness between living beings. Her works are in corporate and private collections across the U.S. and abroad, and have been included in numerous publications.

Eric Cloutier
Eric D Cloutier is a Miami based 3d artist originally from Boston, Massachusetts. Using material such as plaster, automotive paint and LED lights Eric shapes and forms his work into beautiful movements. His work can be found in high end restaurants, clubs and homes. In recent years Eric has been making his way into the gallery world with a distinct style uniquely his.

Alissa Christine
Alissa Christine, a Brazilian-American photographer and artist, channels the essence of beauty in everything she does. Florida International Magazine called her a Power Player as one of 100 individuals pushing Florida into the future.
Alissa’s gift flows through many mediums yet there is purity in photography. She is a master at using the camera’s ability to record light and movement to create imagery in one frame, beyond the perception of the naked eye
Alissa is a freelance photo contributor, trusted for her eye, perspective and professionalism. Her photography has been published in Ocean Drive’s Art Basel Magazine, Florida Inside Out, 944 Magazine, Miami Modern Luxury, Elle, Ego Trip, Latina Magazine and more. Her work is beyond photography.

Fabricio Medrano “FABER”. Lima Peru 1980. Studied Art with a major in Graphic Design in the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (la Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru) and has almost ten years experience in graffiti art. He paints independently and he has exhibited collectively in galleries and urban art events since 2008, in Argentina and Peru. He has been a muralist and exhibitor in the group show of urban art “Living Walls, the city Speaks” in Atlanta, United States, in 2010. He did his first individual exhibition in the “Le Carrre d Art” gallery from the French Alliance in Lima in 2012, and recently formed part of a collective exhibition “Comparaisons 2012” organized by the Museum “Grand Palais” (Grand Palace) in Paris, France.

Born August 3, 1974 in Rio De Janeiro. PIA is a member of the infamous Flesh Beck crew, Rio’s largest and best known graffiti crew. His work is a whimsical whirl of color and forms that intertwine and flow gracefully on either his canvas or wall. . PIA’s work can be seen all over the streets of Rio and its galleries. Recently PIA has been painting walls in Wynwood. In consecutive years leaving Miami, while gracing us with his beautiful forms.

Leza One was born in Geneva Switzerland in 1980. Raised in Geneva by his father who comes from Bosnia-Herzegovina and by his Swiss mother. He graduated from the Geneva Art School as a graphic designer. Leza has been drawing since a kid and started graffiti at 15 years old. Leza has been experimenting with Tags, throw-ups, 2D; 3D letters and backgrounds for almost 15 years. In 2008 he showed his artwork on canvas for the first time in Geneva. One year later he is invited to participate to a collective show in Los Angeles with Munky King Gallery. In 2010 Leza become a member of Army Of Snipers. International, an artist collective founded by Aaron Woes Martin (Angry Woebots). In 2011 Leza was invited to paint a mural and show his artwork in Wynwood Miami for Art Whino Gallery during Art Basel Miami. Since then, Leza has painted various murals each year in Wynwood during Art Basel Miami.

Thitz is a German artist born December 30, 1962 in Franfurt Germany. He studied painting with Professor K.R.H. Sonderborg at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. Thitz is best known for his paintings on paper bags. He paints busy cityscapes depicting the regular hustle and bustle of city life. His paintings can be found in numerous exhibits in galleries worldwide.

Mariflor Blaser
Mariflor Blasér is a photographer born in Colombia and living in Caracas, Venezuela. As a photographer she began to create images as autodidact in 2005 and for three years from 2009 worked in a continuous workshop with Professor Ricardo Jiménez Venezuelan focusing on abstract and documentary photography.

Jordi Gomez
Born in the sleep village of Caldes de Montbul in 1978, Gomez has spent the last 12 years photographing the beauty and contrast of the planet, living in Barcelona, London, Sydney, Ibiza, Miami, Bangkok and Tokyo. With a camera as his partner he absorbed new influences translating into new points of view and new levels of style and creativity. He was chief photographer for the globally received Pacha Magazine and moved seamlessly from social reportage to fashion, from architecture to interiors or from portrait to nature.

Louis Delaville introduces a unique style! His not-conventional, shameless and daring signature is reflected through its disproportionate representations of reality. Autodidact, creative, relevant and provocative, he captures the inner of the moment, attracting the spectator in the center of his universe and his images.
This singular writing let him collaborate with famous designers such as Philippe Starck, with magazines such Harper’s Bazaar and international advertising agencies like Ogilvy & Mather. His shifted, surrealist and ultra colored universe, allowed him to be rewarded and recognized internationally at the time of competitions such as the International Photography Awards …Him, conferring a particular status in the universe of contemporary photography.

Joerg Doering
Joerg Doering has become famous for his Pop Art works. He started as a graphic designer, collecting comic strips out of the 1950s, Polaroid pics from the 80s, old drawings, abstract oil paintings... he did everything. He started with all types of Mickey Mouse and Popeye and other toons, but soon began to tell his picture stories with cool icons from the movies like Steve McQueen, James Bond... and many more.

Karin Vermeer
Born and raised in Tilburg (1970). In 1994 Karen finished the Willem de Kooning academy in the directions fashion design, illusttration and painting. After finishing her education she directly started to work for many different Clients. She uses acrylic paint, oil paint, modeling pastes, gels, photography and many other unusual materials in the mix.

Maria Lankina
Maria grew up in Saint-Petersburg backyard being famous Hermitage. At a very early age she attended drawing art school. 2006 marks the beginning of her professional commercial photography career. She embraced fashion and erotic photography at first, while attending Miami Advertising School. There she studied human behavior and trends in a variety of subjects. Maria has been internationally published as a portrait and fashion photographer and has been featured in 15 covers and 450 published photo works

Brisky Gallery
Brisky Gallery Miami officially opened its doors November of 2012. We are proud to have our new 4500 sq. ft warehouse located in the heart of Wynwood’s Art District. Brisky Gallery Miami is home to a large collection of international and local artists working in various mediums. From its beautiful murals on the outside of its façade, to the wonderful collection of paintings, photographs, new media, installations and sculptures; Brisky Gallery Miami brings only the finest quality work to the Wynwood neighborhood.