Bodies. Forms. Motions. Waves

Where Natural Instinct and Creative Forces Collide; an exhibition curated by Luis Valle, Brisky Gallery´s Director. The exhibit will showcase a diverse 2D, 3D and multi-media approach on the concepts of bodies, forms, motions and waves in art. Including over 30 works of sculpture, drawings, painting, installation and mixed media from twelve different artists. Bodies. Forms. Motions. Waves, showcases each individuals approach to one of these subject matters or combination of each. These basic elements found in nature are expressed in the work created by the artist. The diversity that comes out of the work is a true testament to the uniqueness of ones own experiences.

What is natural and what is artificial, ”Bodies, Forms, Motions, and Waves” attempts to start a dialogue on this very matter. Art and art making in the present has taken many forms. Each artist has a unique approach at handling their materials, which starts a dialogue and raises questions to the viewer. How did each artist instinct play part in the creation of the work? The answer is in the eye of the beholder.

This exhibit showcases a diverse yet fluid look into the psyche of the artist mind. Each artist instinct is to create in a way which creation has not manifested it self before.

Here is a write up on the show by Heike Dempster in the Miami Artzine: miamiartzine

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