Kristiane Semar

born in 1963 in Freiburg, lives in Munich – both Germany
1983-85 Studies of art history/media studies @ University Salzburg, Austria
1984-88 Studies of scenography and costume design @ University Mozarteum, Salzburg
1989-93 Studies of visual communication @ University of Applied Sciences, Augsburg
1994 DAAD scholarship @ University of Ulster/Belfast 1995 Xian Academy of Fine Arts, China
1995 "Artist-in-Residence" Seacourt Print Workshop in Bangor, Nordirland
from 2003 Teaching assignment Drawing @ University of Applied Sciences, Augsburg

She is mainly creating woodcuts, etchings, etchings on collages, monotypes, drawings, books with original drawings.

Personal Statement
Drawing means inexpressible and almost inexhaustable delight to me. The subtle interplay of lines, the process of their compression, the vibration of meticulously set strokes, the sudden appearance of a certain expression, the exciting beauty of colours, the possibility to turn everything upside down and to spin a yarn, not getting entangled, not to be lingered and the sentiment, that flows into the ductus of the line, the rhythm of patterns. Narrating by drawing demands both intellectual ingenuousness and and self-confindence, silence and focused tension.

I really have encountered most of the depicted characters. So the drawing or recording of these mental snapshots often works like a kind of fictional conversation and capturing of a sometimes utmost absurd reality.

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