Karin Vermeer

Born and raised in Tilburg, Netherlands (1970). In 1994 I finished the Willem de Kooning academy in the directions fashion
design, illusttration and painting. After finishing my education I directly started to work for many differtent
clients, this in art and scenery painting. In early 2000 I specialized more in digital design with different programs.
Nowadays I mainly design paintings on demand, specifically intended for the intirior branch. I also still make
scenery paintings, illustrations and autonomous works. My work is very versatile, I combine realism and abstract
You could best define me as a creative myriapod that doesn’t caution any material. I have much empathy and a
good feel for trends and styling.The materials I use are acrylic paint, oil paint, modeling pastes, gels, photography
and many other unusual materials in the mix.

GN-1737---140x140-KVk Vermeer charlize theronK Vermeer JuliaK Vermeer Marylin MonroeK Vermeer Red lips