Jörg Döring

• born mid of 60s in the Ruhrgebiet (formerly known as coalminers area), Germany
• working as freelance artist since 1986
• located in Meerbusch, close to Düsseldorf
• represented by approx. 40-50 galleries all over Europe (& US/Canada)


Cool things about JD
Dalai Lama signed one of JD’s works. In August 2012 JD hat the unique opportunity to support the Dalai Lama’s work with an exhibition. The result of approx. 20.000 Euro went with 100% into one of the Dalai Lama’s projects. JD and the Art Gallery Wiesbaden were really please about this success and wishes to thank all donators.

Breitling by JD, 2009 The world known Swiss watch manufacturer Breitling already collaborated with JD in 2007 during their trade show presentation. In the course of the construction of the new company building JD had the chance to realise a cooperation of gigantic dimensions. Without any artistic limitation or guideline he was asked to create four works, each with 400 x 280 cm (160 x 110 inches). These works are permanently presented in the entrance hall of the new building where approx. 22 yrds of height where meant for this purpose (= 4 floors high). Every piece is accomplished with silkscreen printing and painting. Here the dimensions were the biggest challenge for all printers and craftsmen involved in this project. Every motive could be just partially printed and painted. The preparation and execution assumed vast proportions. But in the end only the result counts. So in the end architects, management and agent Alex Bandi were really impressed by the result and confirmed that these new works exceeded their espectations. What else does an artis need?

About him and his works – personal comments by me with
JD as information source JD has become famous for his Pop Art works. He started as a graphic designer, collecting comic strips out of the 1950s, Polaroid pics from the 80s, old drawings, abstract oilpaintings... he did everything. He started with all types of Mickey Mouse and Popeye and other toons, but soon began to tell his picture stories with cool icons from the movies like Steve McQueen, James Bond... and many more. Nowadays he is combining collage elements with silk screen printing, paintings... in many layers. He loves the process of assembling layer by layer, creating new stories out of old and well known icons. In general he focuses on original pieces, but does editions up to 9 pieces, to. In addition to this you can find mixed media works (mainly smaller dimensions as nice teaser for gallery visitors ;-).

DSC1295-webDSC 2864 Killers-KissDSC 2962-300dpi-neuImg2339-300-neuJ Doering Handle A ManJ Doering He BisquitJ Doering The-Original